DeLisaGroup provides services for companies seeking qualified and confident employees. We have the proper tools and expertise to Recruit the right candidate. By conducting a thorough interview we can minimize the work for you.


Job seekers in turn can also take advantage of great opportunities by sending your resume to us at We'll review your credentials and contact you if we see a fit with one of our client companies. Let us help manage your future career and/or business by keeping you informed, active and productive in your career.


Did you know these facts about DeLisaGroup Recruiting?

FACT: Traditional staffing agencies charge 20-30% 
of a new hire's starting salary for their services. At DeLisaGroup Recruiting, our fees average 5% of the candidate's starting salary.

FACT: The entire recruiting process, including things like writing ads, reviewing resumes, pre-screening, interviewing, and reference checks, costs our clients an average of $2700 per job including the cost of ads!

FACT: Successfully hiring a candidate from start
to finish takes us an average of 12-15 hours.DeLisaGroup has an incredibly effective and low-cost approach to recruiting. We act as an extension of a company's Human Resources function, assisting with every step of your recruiting efforts from writing and placing an ad to conducting phone/in-person interviews and reference checks. Our expertise and tools, such as Internet resume databases and the Hogan© Personality Assessment Surveys save you time, manpower and money.